Hospital #2….

Hi everyone,

Well, we made it back to Birmingham yesterday and Clay tolerated the trip pretty well- so thankful for that! He wasn’t in too much discomfort, but he was still struggling with nausea and not able to eat. He vomited once Friday night, but the doctors had told us that that might happen, so we didn’t think much of it. On the drive home he really didn’t eat, just drank water. We were back in Birmingham and a couple of miles from home, and he vomited again. We were starting to be concerned and so was he, so when we got home, he called the resident on call in Indiana. He described his symptoms and the resident told him to go to the emergency room.

So we arrived at Brookwood about 10:30 PM (glad that my parents still had the baby!). They ran some bloodwork and did an x-ray, and the doctor told Clay that he has an ileus, which means basically that his bowels are still “asleep” after surgery. That typically happens after surgery, but when it doesn’y resolve within 72 hours or so, it is called an ileus. The resident on call for Clay’s doctor admitted him to the hospital at about 2 AM. They gave him some pain and nausea medicines and started IV fluids.

This morning the oncologist on call came to see Clay (Clay’s doctor, Dr. Yeilding, will be back tomorrow). The plan is to basically leave him on IV fluids and nausea/pain meds as needed, and just wait for his bowels to “wake up”. The doctor consulted a GI doctor, just to be safe. Clay can’t have anything to eat or drink except ice chips, or he will just continue to vomit.

Clay was actually feeling slightly better today, probably because he hadn’t eaten (or vomited) in 24 hours. His pain is getting better and he is able to walk more easily. Things are looking up, but we still definitely need your prayers that this ileus resolves soon. I want my husband back at home and our son needs his daddy!

I need to go to bed, but once again, thank you SO much for your prayers and concern.

Much love,



2 responses to “Hospital #2….

  1. We are praying hard and continually for you all. Call us anytime, day or night ! mom and dad

  2. As soon as we are “germ-free” we want to come see the Kirkolls…..wake up little sleeping bowels….go to sleep little Lauren…get great grandparent hugs, Matthew.

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