Healing is hard work

It’s been three weeks since I had surgery in Indiana and I wanted to post an update on how things are going.

I am feeling much better and I have been out of hospital #2 for almost two weeks now. Things are working like they should for the most part. I got my staples out a week ago and I don’t miss them at all. It turns out that having an incision from below your sternum to below your belly button requires a large number of staples to keep it closed. My oncologist is very happy with the results of the surgery and believes that I am cancer free. I am a little hesitant to go there with him, but I have another appointment in April and will have a CT scan shortly after. I think that if the April scan comes back clean, then I’ll believe it. It really is hard to walk by faith and not by sight. (see 2 Cor 5:6-7)

My energy level is slowly returning to were it was before surgery. I still get pretty tired in the afternoons. I am very thankful for my employer. They have been very understanding through this whole process and have been great about working with me.

It turns out that healing from major abdominal surgery is hard work. I don’t think that my expectations were realistically set for how long it would take to get back to my pre-surgery baseline.

I do want to take a minute and thank everyone who was with me through the past few weeks. I especially want to thank my wife, Lauren, for walking with me every step. I also want to thank Lauren’s dad and sister and my mom and aunt for making the trip to Indy with us. I know it was a comfort for both of us to have family there. I also want to thank all the people who partnered with us in prayer. God used your prayers to sustain us and keep us encouraged when our faith was weak. I have been overwhelmed by the number of people who have told us that they prayed and are still praying. We truly appreciate you.

Grace & Peace,



One response to “Healing is hard work

  1. Yes we still read your entries eagerly, and we are so very thankful to our Lord that you are healing and we have you with us ! Happy almost birthday !
    love, m-

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