“Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.” Psalm 27:14

Hi everyone,

I am pretty tired tonight, but I did want to write a brief update. Everyone has been so kind about checking with us and praying, so I am doing my best to keep you informed.

I hope everyone had a good Valentine’s Day; I was thankful to be able to see my hubby, although the setting wouldn’t have been my choice! Dr. Yeilding came to see Clay this morning and made some changes to his care plan. He put Clay on a medicine called Reglan, which both helps to control nausea and hopefully will stimulate his bowels also. He is getting it every six hours via IV. He is also getting fluids and electrolytes, since he hasn’t really eaten anything substantial in a week. Dr. Yeilding also started him on clear liquids today. He was positive and encouraging about the ileus resolving fairly quickly, so that was uplifting for us.

Clay drank some clear liquids and ate a few bites of broth, popsicle and jello today. His appetite still isn’t good, but at least he is able to tolerate a little bit of food without vomiting! He is still pretty uncomfortable, though. He also walked more today, and one positive is that his pain level and mobility are much improved since the surgery. He doesn’t have much endurance, though, and gets tired easily.

I used this verse in Psalms as the title of this post because I need to hang on to this promise today. Clay and I were both discouraged today, so ready for him to feel better and to come home. He was telling me that he doesn’t understand God’s plan right now, and I am struggling with that as well. Like the psalmist, we are struggling and wrestling with God’s purposes, but by God’s grace He continues to point us back to the truth that He is sovereign and good. I HATE this cancer more than ever, but I have to hold on to the promise that God is love, and He is good. He is the ultimate lover of our souls. Now that is a reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day!




4 responses to ““Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.” Psalm 27:14

  1. Amen and yes darlin daughter. m

  2. Clay & Lauren, I know it sounds trite but sometimes it just takes a while to get over abdominal surgery. I’m sure you are in good hands and I’ve always been impressed with Dr. Yeilding. I don’t think I need to come b/c you feel so bad. I pray for you both to have the strength you need to face another day…..just one day at a time. On a lighter note (hold your stomach) Jason said that when you come back he’ll give you 2 “get out of the elevator free” passes. I told you to hold your stomach so when you laugh it won’t hurt so much.

  3. Clay and Lauren,

    Praying for you both…..quick recovery!


  4. prayed for you all in group prayer this AM. I hope you are out of the hospital by now clay. maybe so since is has been a couple of days since lauren blogged. john p.

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