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Surgery date…

Is set for Tuesday, February 8 at 7:30 AM. We will check into the hospital at 5:30 AM. Clay has appointments with Dr. Einhorn and Dr. Foster the day before, so we will have our questions about the surgery and prognosis answered then. We do know that the surgery is a six hour procedure, though. Trying to meditate on all the passages where God commands us not to fear, not to be anxious. Trying to remember that we are not orphans; we have a Father who loves us. We’ll keep you posted.


Test results… but still waiting

Hi everyone,

Happy 2011! I wish this year was getting off to a better start, but we definitely feel encouraged by the prayers and concern that you guys have expressed. “I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.” Philippians 1:3

Clay had his arteriogram last Tuesday. The radiologist placed the catheter in his femoral vein and injected the dye to check the patency of his vena cava. Clay had a little discomfort when they placed the catheter and for a few hours afterwards, but he felt pretty good by the next day. The results weren’t unexpected, but we were hoping for better news. The radiologist showed us the film, and very little of the dye could be seen travelling through Clay’s vena cava. That means that the tumor is occluding and preventing blood flow to his heart through his vena cava. His body has recruited other veins to take blood back up to his heart, though, and those were clearly visible on the film. It’s pretty amazing how God makes our bodies to be so resilient! It was scary to hear that his vena cava is occluded, but we reminded ourselves that it has probably been slowly happening for a while and Clay hasn’t really had any symptoms.

So now we are waiting… again. We feel pretty sure that Dr. Foster will recommend surgery, especially in light of this new data, but we still don’t have a date. We are both ready to just have a plan and move forward, so we hope that we hear from the doctor’s office soon.

While we were waiting at the hospital on Tuesday, I happened across a blog that a Christian couple wrote to recount their journey of faith concerning their profoundly disabled son. The website is Reading their honest account of their struggle to reconcile God’s goodness with the brokenness in this world was very encouraging to us. We were reminded that God has a sovereign plan for us. We want to pray that Clay’s surgery will go smoothly, that recovery will be quick; but while those are good prayers, our ultimate desire should be for God to glorify Himself through this situation. I am praying that I will have an open and willing heart to whatever God should do with us, even though that is a difficult prayer for me! Clay is praying with expectant hope that this will be the end of his journey with cancer. Please pray for us in these areas, and we will let you know when we hear something definite about surgery.


Clay and Lauren