Monthly Archives: June 2010


Today is a day for celebration.  Not the kind of celebration you would expect. Two years ago on this day I was diagnosed with testicular cancer.  June 20th 2008 is probably the most traumatic day I have experienced in my 29 years of life on this planet.  It seems strange to most people who I choose to celebrate the anniversary of my diagnosis. Let me explain. I don’t celebrate the cancer or the discomfort of the required treatment. I rejoice in the fact that my Lord and Redeemer saw fit to spare my life and preserve me for the remnant of the days He has ordained for me. I find that I am more appreciative of a sunrise or sunset, a hug from a brother, or a loving glance from my wife. I mourn the brokenness that is a result of the fall and the introduction of sin into our world; however, I find that the small things that I took for granted before my diagnosis are the things that I now see God’s glory revealed in. The majesty of a sunset painted by the hand of God each evening is more than enough for me.  Really what I suppose I am celebrating today is God’s choice to reveal His goodness and mercy to me through one of the worst situations I have ever experienced.

I have had my 2 year appointment with Dr. Yielding and my PET/CT report shows no abnormal activity and no change in size. Praise be to the Father! Dr. Y also changed me to every 6 months for follow up appointments and scans. We are so thankful for your prayers throughout this journey.


Clay & Lauren