Christmas time reflection

Dear friends and family,

So time has flown, as usual, and we have been remiss in giving you guys an update for several months. Time to remedy that! Hope everyone is doing well as we enter this third week of advent. Christmas is my favorite time of year. 🙂

So part of the purpose of this blog is to inform you all that I have once again decided to let myself off the hook with Christmas cards this year. Our pastor recently preached a sermon in which he talked about the fact that Christmas cards don’t ever have a Christ-centered message these days. In fact, they probably aren’t even called Christmas cards anymore! I usually am disappointed when I try to find one that conveys the true message of Christmas. So I find that the process becomes more time consuming and stressful than joyful. That said, we love you all and appreciate your support more than we can say, and we wish you a joyful Christmas season. I have really been struck this year by the reality of Christ’s humanity and divinity, as He came to earth. Consider this our Christmas card!

We have so many things to be thankful for in terms of Clay’s health. For those of you that we haven’t spoken to, Clay’s new doctor has already been a huge blessing to us. Dr. Yeilding is such a kind person and seems to be really interested in both Clay and I as people, not just as a patient and spouse. He certainly seems to be a Christian, also. His office has already been wonderful to work with. Clay had a PET scan done in September, which showed NO cancerous cell activity. Praise God! Dr. Yeilding is still a little concerned about the size of the mass in Clay’s abdomen, so he asked about 10 different radiologists at Brookwood to review Clay’s scan. They all agreed that they would not recommend surgery, which we are certainly okay with! We are just so grateful that God has provided Clay with a doctor who has taken a personal interest in him.

Clay says that the phase that we are in now should be termed “survivorship”. We find some things still are not the same as they were before treatment, even though he finished chemo over a year ago. For example, Clay has noticed that he has less stamina than he used to, in terms of prolonged physical activity. We are sure that there will other challenges that we will face down the road, and we would appreciate your prayers for those.

That said, we have so much to be thankful for. I was thinking recently that my only prayer last summer was for strength and healing for Clay, and that I would never need anything else if God answered that. Now Clay is doing really well, and I am so quick to forget God’s answers to prayer and move on to my next request. I heard once that that reason that God repeats Himself so often in scripture is because we forget His promises so easily. It’s so true. God is so good to us!

Love to you all and merry Christmas,

Lauren (and Clay)


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