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Good things…

God is already working well in this new year. I called the Kirklin Clinic to get a jump on Clay’s PET scan approval (I would like to take this opportunity to defend my husband- he can speak for himself, but I think that his problem is that he is too darn nice with these medical people. Having worked in a medical office, I am better at being a little more firm.) Anyway, the insurance precertification person called me back yesterday, and then today to tell me that BCBS approved Clay’s PET scan for February. That may not seem like a big deal, but considering the grief that we went through to try to get it approved in November, we are relieved! As we mentioned, the PET/CT is better than the CT alone, because the doctor will be able to tell if the tumor cells are alive, or if the chemo killed them. So pray for dead cells! That sounds gross, doesn’t it? 😉

Clay’s appointment is February 19th, and hopefully the PET scan will be the same day. Please keep him in your prayers. He is feeling good and looking good, but I think that there is a part of us (well, of me, anyway) that won’t feel good until the doctor tells us for sure that the mass is just dead tissue.

In the meantime, God is faithful. I think He is teaching me not to look over my shoulder all the time, but to trust that there is a much bigger plan that I am not privy to. That said, this whole thing still is scary.

Got to run. I will see if I can get Clay to write an entry soon.

   Much love,



Peace out, 2008

You know, just a simple thought– God is still teaching us about worry (actually, about how to not worry, and how He has everything within His perfect control)– it will probably be a lesson that lasts a lifetime. I have also realized that He is teaching us about His goodness, and how it is present ALL the time, whether we are able to discern it or not. All good things. That said, though, I am NOT sorry to see 2008 go! It will not be a year of good associations, in a lot of ways. Praying for a healthy 2009. 


     Lauren (and Clay)