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I guess you could call the past three days progress. On Wednesday, I had a CT scan and a chest X-Ray. Pretty standard stuff. Yesterday, I had my second post-treatment appointment with the oncologist. He told me that the CT did not show any change in size of the mass in my abdomen. “This is a good thing”, he says. This means that the chemo has done its work and the former cancer cells that comprised the mass are now scar tissue. We will be almost assured of this in Feburary when I hopefully have a repeat of the PET/CT scan. The PET scan shows different types of cells, unlike the CT, so the doctor should be able to look at the results and be sure of whether or not the mass is scar tissue.

I wish the mass was completely gone, but the doctor says that it can take 5 years for the body to absorb the scar tissue. The important thing is that neither the oncologist here or (more importantly) Dr. Einhorn are recommending surgery.

I want to thank everyone who has prayed for us during this time. Knowing that you are praying and believing on our behalf is an incredible reminder of the community we are called to participate in.

God is faithful to give us exactly what we need. To Him be all the glory.



FINALLY, news!!

Dear friends and family,

  I think one of our more talented writers in the family (our ghostwriters) will be adding to the blog, so I will not make this a long post. I just wanted to let everyone know that Clay FINALLY has a repeat CT scan of his abdomen scheduled for November 19th, and he has an appointment with Dr. Bulger the next day to find out the results. I will be taking off work to be there for both appointments. I won’t even go into the whole story about how long this has all taken, but suffice it to say that the doctor’s office has not communicated with us well at all, and this has been a very frustrating process. I won’t get on my soapbox, or this will turn into a very long message. But I will say that healthcare workers are supposed to be advocates for patients. That is our job. I am one too, so I am exhorting myself here as well. When you are a patient and your healthcare worker is not advocating for you, it is an extremely frustrating and helpless feeling. It is sad how impersonal healthcare has become in this country.

  That said, praise God that we will know something about if this mass is growing or shrinking in two weeks! We are so tired of the uncertainty. Of course, we are praying that Clay will not have to have surgery. Please pray for peace for us, and for a good report. We love you all– thank you for continuing to pray and to ask about Clay!

    Lauren and Clay