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Dr. B Antes Up

Dad also requested a pre-baldness posterity picture.


David Antes Up


2 AM Last Thursday Night

Last week seemed like a great week and in many ways it was. Clay hasn’t lost his hair yet (for which David and Glenn are thankful) and he was able to exercise and work some last week. He felt tired but was managing fairly well. However, on Thursday he had some pain and Thursday night/Friday morning Lauren and Clay went to the hospital. He had joint pain and they checked the information they have from the cancer center but there wasn’t specific mention of his symptoms. So off they went to the local emergency room afraid of infection and weird complications. Fortunately it was neither an infection or some weird complication – just an unusual symptom. The doc gave him some pain meds and sent them home. They slept a lot yesterday morning and seemed to be okay yesterday afternoon. Yet another reminder that cancer stinks and chemo too.

We are so thankful that Lauren isn’t working yet even though it weighs heavy on her heart that she doesn’t have a job yet. Please pray for peace for her during this season where she isn’t working. That she could focus on Clay and know the job will come. Thank you for your prayers so far and please keep praying. It is clear that people are praying and it is so encouraging to them.

Update on Treatment Schedule

Turns out we’re not so good at math – but with all this craziness who could blame us. Clay’s chemo officially ends on September 1st, a Monday. We originally thought he would have one week of chemo and three weeks off in between but actually there will only be two weeks between.

Real Schedule –

Week 1 – 5 days chemo

Week 2 – Monday only. Chemo related shot (2 hours-ish including white-blood cell count)

Week 3 – Monday = Shot + white blood cell check

Week 4 – 5 Days chemo

Week 5 – Monday = Shot + white blood cell check

Week 6 – Monday = Shot + white blood cell check

Week 7 – 5 Days chemo

Week 8 – Monday = Shot + white blood cell check

Week 9 – Monday = Shot + white blood cell checkand done!

Unless my math is wrong the Monday of Week 9 is September 1st and that will be his last shot. Then he will have a few appointments with various docs including Dr. Einhorn to check the sucess of chemo.

David and I ( I = Katharine) were with them yesterday and today and their spirits were fair. Oak Mountain’s worship this morning seemed like it was for the four of us which helps so much. We are so grateful for the church community coming around them. Clay said that if he was going out on a Sunday (making the effort energy wise) – he was going to church.

So Week 1 down and 8 to go. Yea Jesus!

News and a Little Bit of Real Life

Great news this week. Between an unusual coincidence and his co-workers, Clay has enough sick days to cover this period of time of chemo. Part of the days came from a gentleman retiring who had 30-ish days he couldn’t take with him and several other days were donated by his co-workers. Yet another answer to prayer.

But on the other hand the reality of chemo and waiting for a job for Lauren has set in. Waiting is hard and watching your spouse wait or get sicker is also hard. Please pray for Lauren and Clay as the struggle intensifies. We know that God has a job for her and we will know it will be just the right time and just the right job. In the meantime please pray that for trust and faith for her and for him as they walk in this.

Round 1

Clay got his first dose of chemotherapy yesterday.

When he got to the clinic, they explained everything to him, and then set his IV. They started with a saline drip to hydrate him, then showed Lauren and Clay an educational video about chemotherapy.

The actual chemo started at noon, and lasted until 3:30 or 4:00. They rotated various toxins into his veins, hammering away at the cancer.

Clay says it didn’t hurt, and he still feels pretty good, though tired.

Lauren’s job interview went well yesterday morning, but it will take about a month for her to find out anything.

Please pray for extra strength for Clay, and discernment on how to spend it.