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Team Clay Hates Cancer

A Note from David Bedsole (blog ghostwriter):

I’m not a cyclist. I’m not even in shape! But my brother-in-law has cancer, and that really torques me. It makes me angry that sin exists in the world, and not just moral sin, but physical decay–sin enough to implant a cancerous mass of cells in the body of an otherwise healthy 27-year-old man.

The purpose of this blog is to encourage Lauren and Clay, and to grieve and pray when necessary, but mostly to laugh in Satan’s face. We know that we have a Champion who will not only ruin sin in the end, but is ruining it now. Cancer will not win. Clay and Lauren cannot lose.

But some of us want to do a little more in the here and now, so we’ve decided to take the 45 mile Livestrong Challenge in Austin. The ride will be October 26 of this year, and we’re recruiting people to do it with us. If you can participate, please let me know. If you cannot ride, consider contributing to the team. Each rider has to raise $250 in order to participate. This money will benefit cancer victims.

As I said before, I’m not a cyclist. I have further to go than many of you to make this happen. But this isn’t about me. It isn’t even about Clay. Riding a bike won’t destroy sin and death; only Christ can do that.

But riding a bike is a way to celebrate the victory that was won, and is being won, and will be won.

Join us.



On the Road

Today, the Kirklands are on the road to Indiana! More updates as they come.

Clay: The Man In Depth I

We caught up with Clay in his summer home in Birmingham, Alabama, just coming off a rousing bout of XBox football. He agreed to submit to a few carefully chosen questions.

If you were an animal, what kind would you be and why?

Oh man. Next question. I hate that question, always have. “What are your thoughts about the existential dilemma?” I don’t know.

Lauren’s and Clay’s Friend Jackie: Who came up with these questions?

Reporter’s note: Jeez. Everybody’s a critic.

Your wife reports an obsession with monkeys. Explain yourself.

Anything that talented with hands and feet can’t be that bad. What’s wrong with throwing things?

We all have pet peeves. Spill yours?

Fingerprints on the monitor. Seriously, do you have to touch it? It’s right there. I don’t have time to clean your dirty fingerprints off my clean monitor. Go find somebody else to irritate.

How are you feeling about the road you have ahead of you?


Anything you’d like to say to the friends and family following this blog?

I very much appreciate your thoughts and prayers during this time, and I know God is about something bigger than me.

I understand that there has been talk of a bicycle team based on this blog. Thoughts?

I have a slight fear of bicycle seats now, so I’m not sure I’ll be participating.

Boxers or briefs?

Lauren (from the wings): nothing about your unit.

Clay: I’m not going say anything about banana hammocks. I’ll say boxers.

Sometimes we forget that celebrities are regular people as well. Can you tell you something about yourself that, well, humanizes you?

I like beer. It’s my weakness.

Lauren (from the wings): He eats peanut butter on his waffles.

Interview, Appended

Lauren’s interviewer has agreed to allow her to postpone the interview until after they return from Indiana, which is a relief to all involved. This will allow her to focus all of her energies on Clay (for better or for worse). We’ll let you know how to pray when more information becomes available.

Lauren’s Interview

The person Lauren was going to interview with Friday has encouraged Lauren to reschedule the interview. Please pray that she can interview early Monday before they leave for Indiana.


First, an answer to prayer: the final pathology report came back, and it is “the best type” (semimona germ cell).

The second: Clay has an appointment with this guy July 1st. Dad Bedsole is convinced that aggressive treatment in the first stages of the disease is the key to Clay’s full recovery.

This cancer isn’t going to know what hit it.

Hello, Cancer

The bad news: yes, it’s cancer. Today we learned that Clay has a metastasized mass the size of a golf ball in the back of the abdomen, near the kidneys. We do not yet know what treatment this will require, but we are fairly sure it will involve chemotherapy and radiation. Dad Bedsole has contacted the foremost expert in testicular cancer in the US about Clay’s case, and we hope to visit Indiana soon. This is the same guy who treated Lance Armstrong, and we understand he developed the course of treatment for testicular cancer.

The good news: if you have to have cancer, this is the kind of cancer to have. It is, in most cases, curable. Clay’s advantages are his youth and good health, and access to excellent medical care, in addition to his rakish good looks.

Although we are confident that Clay’s rakish good looks will persist into baldness, we are far less confident that his brother David’s will, also. However, David has foolishly (and not under the influence of any substance), sworn an oath to shave his own odd, misshapen head if Clay happens to lose his hair.

Dad Bedsole, since his hair has turned white and gotten thin anyway, doesn’t have far to go to baldness, and will join in his own foolish oath.

The women in the family, so far, have refused.

Please pray for Clay and keep in touch as we chronicle his battle with cancer.

Immediate prayer requests:

  • That the clinic in Indiana will return Dad Bedsole’s call.
  • That Clay’s incision from his first operation would heal well.
  • Comfort and peace for the family, both sides.
  • That Lauren’s Friday job interview would go well. See update